Mastering Leadership Series – Complete 6 DVD Boxset


Product: Mastering Leadership Series – Complete 6 DVD Boxset 
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Cesar Millan is a world renowned Dog trainer and has multiple television shows and number 1 selling training books and DVDs.

His mastering leadership series is a very good boxset for current and future dog owners.

In the series Cesar will walk you through the process of picking a puppy, bringing them home and raising them in to a well behaved and obedient adult dog.

In Volume 1 is titled People Training for Dogs. Here Cesar shares his wisdom and tips from a lifetime of working with dogs to help people understand their dog.

Volume 2 is becoming the pack leader. Something we have looked at here in the training and why it is very important for an obedient dog and to set the pack standing from a very early age. How not just your words effect your dogs behaviour but also how our behaviour and body language can affect your dog and how to set boundaries for them to follow.

Volume 3 Your new dog will walk you throw the process of picking the right puppy for you and how to introduce them to your family and your home. It is a great watch for anyone who is still struggling to find that perfect puppy for you and your family.

Volume 4 Sit and Stay. Everything you need to know about training your dog understand these simple commands and for them to pick them up quickly and easily. In this volume Cesar is also joined by 4 world class trainers to show case their tried and tested methods. You are not just learning from Cesar but 4 more trainers.

Has your dog developed the usual misbehaviour traits that you want rid of or which you could’ve avoided altogether? Volume 5 will cover bad behaviour such as barking, aggression, hyperactivity and more. These methods are proven over a number of years training dogs and these will help you improve your dogs behaviour.

And finally Volume 6 Raising the Perfect Puppy. Watch as Cesar raises 4 puppies and trains them to be well behaved and obedient as well as maintaining a natural state of balance.

These DVDs area fantastic addition to anyone looking to train their puppy or improve their current dogs behaviour.

The downside to this set of DVDs are they are expensive. At $129.88 it is enough to put anyone off. But if you think how long you will have your dog for in their lifetime and you can’t control them and they misbehave they will cause a lot more damage to your house and your sanity than the price of these DVDs.

I believe they could be reset out in order. I think Volume 6 could be higher as it is good to watch Cesar raise 4 puppies from the start and see how he trains and interacts with them but you can follow them as you like. They are a great training tool and have everything in front of, you can even watch them and follow through the methods as you go.

A lot has been said about Cesar’s methods and accused of hitting dogs at times but I fully support and follow Cesar and his way of training. He is re-correcting the bad behaviour and removing the dogs way of thinking in that instance. It is a touch rather than a hit as he trains dogs and I don’t think you can go past his methods when carrying out your dogs training.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are interested in purchasing the Mastering Leadership Series you can do so here.

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