About Me

Hello My name is Dean and I am a dog owner. This website is named after the dogs I have owned, my first being Jake, a golden Labrador that was daft as a brush and the softest, nicest dog you will ever meet, we got him as a 2 year old rescue dog. Unfortunately, Jake was put to sleep due to old age and ill health 5 years ago at the age of 14.

6 months later I got Diesel as a puppy. Diesel is a Dogue De Bordeaux, now 5 years old, a beast of a dog at nearly 3 feet tall on all fours and 10 stone. He is bouncey, boisterous and loves attention, especially from guests to the house. He is also good at telling you someone is at the door with is 10 yard dash to greet them, barking ferociously as he goes. (Think ‘Turner and Hooch’ movie and the ‘I’ve got a muffin Hooch’ scene, you’ll know what I mean)

Jake was already well trained when we got him but I had the pleasure of advancing his training when we had him as a family dog. I got Diesel as a puppy so I had the pleasure of training him from the very beginning, including house training with the odd accident happening, usually on the rug! 

Whilst training both my Dogs, I done a lot of research on best techniques, tips and products. Now at JakeandDiesel.com I would like to share some of these with you as well as advise on some of the best products that are available and which are required to help you have a well-trained, well behaved obedient dog.

When you are visiting JakeandDiesel.com I would appreciate and welcome any feedback on the site and any questions you have or any subjects you may need to me to cover to help you.